Testo Ten Seconds To Love

Testo Ten Seconds To Love

Here I come
My mind is set
Get ready for love
your attached like a cat

Touch my gun
But, don't pull my trigger
Let's make history
In the elevator
Or lock the door
Shine my pistol some more
Here I cum
Just ten seconds more

Ten seconds to love
Ten seconds to love
Pull my trigger
My guns loaded with your love
Ten seconds to love
Ten seconds to love
Just wait honey Till I tell the boys about you

Bring a girlfriend
Maybe bring two
I got my camera
Make a star outta you
Let's inject it
Photograph it
Down to the subway
Let the boys have it


Reach down law
Slide it in real slow
I wanna hear your engine roar
Before I'm in the door


You feel so good
Do you want some more
I got one more shot
My gun's still warm


Was it hot for you
Did you fire this round
The second I'm through
I'll be leaving this town

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