Testo Glitter

Testo Glitter

When we make love,
it's hard to tell
If you're dreaming of me
or someone else

that drunken kiss,
seems like a lie
Don't say it's forever
and then say goodbye.

Glitter, Don't you leave me
Please believe me, I only want your love
Glitter, You're my lover,
I'll have no other girl, I only need your love

When the morning comes,
and the sun shines bright
You're gonna need someone
someone to treat you right

so don't walk out
when you wake up
let's give a chance girl we'll give it a shot, give it a shot now

Glitter, don't decieve me
You gotta believe me, I only need your love
Glitter, there's no other
You're beautiful, I only want you

This is fine for now but maybe,
lets make a baby inside of you
it's just the time, you gotta find
I want your name on my tattoo
you blow my mind,
so tell me, I wanna know

Glitter, shines forever
forever and ever
I only need you love
Oh Glitter, lay your head down here
I'll always be so near,
I only want your love

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