Testo When I See You

Testo When I See You

You bring that since the first rap
From the pen to the page to the fresh track
To the stage in a rave or it's jam packed
To the calm of your arms, understand that
It's me or you against the world, you're my everything
You're a part of my hand like my wedding ring
In my heart you're the love, what's repetitive
You're the yin to my yang so I'm telling it
You are elegant, you are heaven sent
You bit a half of my heart which is delicate
You're my life, you're my wife and it's evident
You're the song which I write ‘cause you're relevant
I never said til death do us part
It's me and you past death and beyond
When we're dead then regard, now we're one with our God
We will still carry on from the kids that we love
But, is it more than enough?
If it's all about me then it's all about us
If it's all about you it's still all about us
I feel rich when I'm brup ‘cause you're all that I've got
Yea, that I've got
Hah, you're all that I want
Yo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you

Yea, you've been down since day one
Had my back, you were right, I remain wrong
July 10th, got married in my A1's
That day was the day two became one
Still we stay strong, I got no regrets
If I had another chance I'd do it all again
Down to the circumstance to the day we met
That thing was a laugh, well I won't forget
Through thick and thin, you've been listening
Up close in person, new I was whisperin
I feel so emotional that I wanna sing
That's why I'm anew by you doin this
I ain't gonna talk about doin it
‘Cause three kids is proof we've been doin it
It's not whenever, it's forever and I'm proving it
It's me and you, you and I, and move in unison

Yo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you

It's been over a decade deep
With three youths that's proof that I'll never leave
I know you heard it all before, I think I‘m chatting 3's
But I'mma stay stuck to you like we're Siamese
You're a part of me, you flow through my arteries
If you were to leave I don't think that I could breathe
It would murder me, triple 9 emergency
Wouldn't work, without you I would seize to be
I would stop the beat, I would press delete
With no you there's no point, why would I speak
With no you there's no ground underneath my feet
With no you I'd be dead in about a week
‘Cause words can't express what you mean to me
I can't give you stress how we're meant to be
It was destiny through every pregnancy
That our chemistry would leave us a legacy

Yo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you
Yo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you
Yo, I'll tell you the rest when I see you

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