Testo Introduction To Charlie

Testo Introduction To Charlie

picking up to add spice a bit
please Clicking, tricking, begging
bite your nails hard sitting
new plant grows up inside

spinning to up, upward
catch it, crack it, Watch it
spinning to down, downward
your plane crashed
snail's wale in the test file

you know all that shit
and no (???) youve done
quite poor humor trite preach
no power to expect
i deny that wastes
i slap and spit
to your frozen cheek
and you are melted down

wale in the test-file
what a charming chaos
shouting vicious piece between lines
wale in the test-file
husking pallet
beeping wallet
how to do the right thing?

holding a peeler
im looking for a caller
filter suck your charter
i tear that tongue inside later
what a matter
what a ratter, you got
ticking and picking and licking
Testi dei Melt Banana