Testo Break Me

Testo Break Me

These head-films, they're filthy
My mind's eye: the mud
These demons, they haunt me
They're all out for blood
You're hard-pressed against me
Laughing as I fall
I'm waiting for something
In no time at all

Break me, tear me open
Hurt me - my insides cut, gouged and exposed...
The only way I know

Can you taste these black lies?
They live in my mouth
And each time you kiss me
More maggots fall out
Like clockwork, I spiral
Rise up, fall again
Good god, I just realized...
Even I'm not my friend

I couldn't breathe when you said
?All the lies were once true.?
I thought I knew...
You were the worst thing
That ever happened to me
The best thing
That never happened to be


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