Testo Real Type Gangsta

Testo Real Type Gangsta

[Kid talking to (Mac)]
Hey what's up (Hey what's up with you lil' homie)
Nothing, hey ain't chu' that rapper nigga (Yeah, hey what's happening)
(What they call you) J, where your bodyguards at
(I don't run with no bodyguards lil' homie)
Oh, cause every time Dre and Snoop come to the hood
They got more police than the President (Ha, ha alright I'm feeling you)
(You's a cool lil' nigga) EASTSIDE!

[Mac Shawn]
I mean, I don't know what they think
Y'all gon' bite Mac Shawn game and ride with it
Nah, nah, nah, nah homie
So quick, to my real nephews
Cause uh, we gangsterous, we gangsterous
We gangsterour, we gangsterous
Yeah the real gangstas

[Verse 1]
I done did it all
Standin' here in these forty draws
Double X around my chest and neck
Six foot, two-forty of that good, raw dog It's that big boss game, what chu' reap, what chu' sow
So automatic, on the gash when I smash on a nigga
My niggas done bumped me up
Sittin' low in the cut and I'm out so tough
It's the bank, back claimin' everything
That nigga Snoop, tryin' to talk like Mac Shawn man
See they always spittin' my game but never mention my name
Sit boy, down boy, don't bite me
Please believe when I tell you this
Y'all rappin' J gats can't cross like me
Always sayin' nephew, hollerin' oh boy
Check this Dogg, I'm the real McCoy
I'm gonna seek and destroy you cats, ain't original
You just like a fool now, oh yeah

I'm nothin' but a gangsta
Livin' major
Hit me on my pager
A real playa
Jump down on some and run hoes like you
That's what we do
I'm nothin' but a gangsta
Livin' major

[Verse 2]
As I ride and blow on some good doe doe
Turn Rap City, get me another video
That's another man down today
Now bump me, what's the charge on this sucker, the charge can't stop us
Stop poppin' ya collar, claimin' you's is G's
You ain't never pushed nothin' but piano keys
Read between the fine lines, Mac Shawn's a G
And the hard head beat, we bump it on the street
My nigga Sonny B. makes it all complete
We servin' this rap like we serve the D
Showin' up so deep at The Source Awards
Next thing ya know baby it's the Billboard
We like WHOA!, where y'all go
We got the flow dope, and the backdoor jab for sho'
I mean nephew, uh what
We wanted to holla at y'all but y'all ran outta here so quick


[Verse 3]
What y'all gonna do
When me and my nephews come for you
Check game, ya game, see we do what we do
Drop down on suckers and run the game so smooth
Take first class flights to Catalina, Cancun
See we back in effect the parts of world we rule
Oh boy, it's real big how we do
Benzs, Rolls, Beamers, jets
And diamonds bling, bling glistenin'
It's a Bay to L.A. California thang
And Deathrow, we ain't trippin'
I mean ya know, yeah
Always spittin' my game but never mention my name
Ya know

[Hook with ad-libs]

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