Testo Only

Testo Only

Only for a moment
In some other dream
Someone else beside me
Not you
Though we're not together now
I know I'll be
More in love with you

Like an airplane
Circling in the mist
Solitary spirals in the air
Seeking runways that we've missed
Nothing more to fear
We're there
Just below the clouds
The love we have is ours to share

Something in the spring
A few short years ago
Touched us has grown and overwhelmed us
that may be why we hide our memories deep inside
for in the winter winds
Such little things
Will warm and reassure us

But only for a moment
When least expected
And at times we're strangers
And you get lonely
Like me
It really doesn't matter
I know it can only
Make me love you more
And you get lonely
Lonely like me
I know it can only
Make me love you more

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