Testo Erased

Testo Erased

Gvbe, you're so wavy

Ayy, rich nigga paychecks, bad bitch, great sex
Suck me in the morning, but at night she give me late sex
And I stay up in her throat like a hiccup
She get mad when she call my phone and I don't pick up

Dread head, Lil Wayne
Going hard, super saiyan
Two Glocks, Max Payne
Yo bitch all in the game
My new bitch from LA
Sipping slow, lemonade
She said, "Since you blew up, I swear you ain't been the same"
But where the fuck was you at when I didn't have a thing?
I'm smoking on some green, no Lantern and no ring
I'm stacked up like a geek ball like NBA STREETS

Yeah, rich nigga paychecks, bad bitch, great sex
Cash tryna add and subtract like a state test
Jag, I'ma swerve do the dash like I race, yeah
That bitch call my phone, but her number I erased it
Thanks, Ugly God
And bitch you need to calm down
Thirty bitches in the crib and they all down
When I throw my money up, I watch it fall down
If you approach me with a problem, weapons drawing down
Stop it, blow his brains and mop it
If a number double text my phone, I'ma block it
And bitch you need to knock it, slam the door and lock it
'Cause I just want the guap all the other shit is toxic
Keep that

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