Testo North On 35

Testo North On 35

Headed north on 35 to see a girl on Sintako street
Never wanna stay a moment too long
Thats where she gets me where I need to be
Rain drops fallin, my windshields cracked
Hey but thats no concern to me
I just pop me open one more beer
Just to keep from fallin fast asleep
Well it aint love, but it aint bad
Better than anything Ive ever had
Something to ease this restless heart of mine
Cause Ive been alone, Ive been alone too long

2:23 in the morning when I finally pull into your drive
Shut off the lights and take a deep breath
And Im thankin God Im still alive
4 hours of loving doesnt last long
But itll have to do for right now
And youre not mine, but you are for tonight
At least til 6:30 rolls around


Repeat 1st part of 1st verse

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