Testo Intro

Testo Intro

I'm working hard all week, where the cash at?
I was going up and down like the NASDAQ.
Plus I gotta pay bills where I crash at.
Yeah the funds looking low, don't even ask that.
Gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger.
If rage was a gun, then I'm 'bout to pull the trigger.
Clean money comes slow, need to come quicker.
Driving me to drink, but I can't afford the liquor.
Another day in traffic and I'm 'bout to have an accident.
Because I'm running late, and I'm trying to gain some traction and,
This is what happens when you're back and forth and back again.
Life is not a joke, I don't know when I'm gonna laugh again.
With that said, I'm straight up on a mission.
To get a better life and reach a higher position.
I have a superstition that if you're not driven than you lose your ambition, and never see your vision.

This country is headed for a second Great Depression. I know it, your friends know it. Our government knows it. And most of all, you know it.

I'm rollin' in my car.
But in my head I'm trippin' I ain't living up to par.
Just got what I was given.
Amount for what I'm missin'.
Improvin' my position. I'm really broken money is a vital acquisition.
I'm an average Joe, no I'm not a hustler.
But I work at Wal-Mart facing rude customers.
Talkin' down to me, but I rise to the surface.
At least I'm busy working and not snatching purses.
I represent the real people in my verses.
Unemployed ones trying to find where the work is.
Check your bank accounts and you'll find where the hurt is.
Economic issues got a lot of people nervous.
Paycheck to paycheck, the real kind of money is the kind we don't make yet, haven't had a break yet.
Can't afford to stake yet.
Money holds power so grab a fresh opportunity before it sours.

No one seems to care.
People go about their own way, not even thinking about what's going to happen to their money or savings accounts as soon as even a year from now. Have you ever stopped to think, "Maybe my country is lying to me".

We trust these men and women whom we've more than likely never met, nor ever will meet, with our tax dollars for it to provide more care, jobs and help overseas but none here within our own borders. Why are jobs hiring illegal aliens and not law-abiding citizens? We are but sheep to the slaughter. And it will continue to get worse, unless we become aware and do something. Amen.

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