Testo Love's Intervention

Testo Love's Intervention

You claim i'm just 5ft charm with an accent
My way with words has nothing to do
With the attraction
A one on one with a one of one
You gave me a second but i'd be happy with a fraction
A book worm with a tell tale heart
We could Edgar Allan
Po' up for the potency
Clued up to the trap
You said my lies sound like poetry
Couldn't deny the fact
I was startled by your honesty
You probably have me mapped
I ran out of apologies

Couldn't begin to count all
The fucks you said you don't give
I assure you have my focus. Reassured
By the change you give to homeless
That's a mighty big heart, any room
For the hopeless romantic poet
Plotting heights at his lowest
Still spinning
From conversations we haven't finished
There's no use in us pretending
May I lower my defences?
Tell the truth
My pride my defendant
Serve my life in a sentence
Stay a night, lose
The friendship
Say the cycle
Is endless

You ever tried trusting before you love
You ever tried knowing before you touch
Icey your exterior, cold as when summer went
You've heard this before. Just not as eloquent

Deja Vu

We could be great together
We could be yoko and lenin
We could be we forever
On top of the world
We could create a family
Stop all war and poverty
Lay in bed on top of me
And love till we die

Love x7

Days in daze, my thoughts on you
Said your guard was bullet proof
If I nothing left to lose, could we
Build upon the truth
Let me give you all your flowers
While you're still alive to tell them
That you're thankful for their scent

(I am grateful for your sense.)

Use my ears just like a diary and I
Promise not tell
Daddy could've taught you better
But your momma raise you well

This is not a love song
This is not a love song x4
This is a love intervention
This is a love intervention

My pockets empty enough to rest your heart in
Intercourse our new catharsis
Flowers for dearly departed feelings of being guarded
I was still pushing daisy

You said my EP was decent, I still thanked you listening
Since people consider pressing play part of the privilege
We sat under stars and watched the world planet demise
Carve our initials in earth so the world knows that we tried
You don't need the validation
Kindness for congratulations is hard to trust
Open up

You pull up, I roll up
You don't smoke
I'm more blunt
Talked X's instead of kissing hugged and said our good byes
Tongue tied
Imagining tongue's tied to sweet nothings

Make my heart your home
Let me drown in your opulence
Let me drown in your

All I ask
If you can
Hold me down
Show me love
Through the turbulence

You ever tried
Trusting before you love
Knowing before you touch
Loving before you ----
Listening before you lust
Dialogue body language
Learn a lesson in us
Drowning inside your mental
Liquid like conversation

This is not love song
This a love intervention

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