Testo Love's Interlude

Testo Love's Interlude

We were happy
By that time, we don't dress in
Jeans and all that
Because we know the youth follow
The musicians

And the blacks here
Especially the africans
Even the West Indians
Ah, my friend
They we're enjoying themselves

When they meet they have a big speaker
With all their amplifiers and all that
And when they blow it


And we would dance all day
And dance all night

Show me love
You can have my soul If you show me love
You can have my heart
If you're strong enough
You can have my trust don't
Tell no one

Show me love
Baby like tonight was the only one
And if you take my hand
Maybe we can run
Out of time

KR- “Love?”
KA - Love?, What do you know about love?”
KR -“ What do I know about love?”
KA - “Yeah, you. What do you know about love?”
“What is love?”
KR- “What is love?”

I don't know what to feel and it's confusing
I speak, stumble feel useless
Your questions become intrusive
The small talk is awkward, divorce
Rates made cynical
Love lost way to common
Affection is only digital
You, ever tried knowing
Before you love
Knowing before you touch

I told her on a level i'm not used to this
I have an ego bigger than my sense of hubris
Blessed with the snake of eden, but cursed
With exes like Judas. Loves been different
Since the dawn of genesis

More X O
Ex knows to much
Loose lips leave holes in boats
Maybe we can stay a float on a friendship

And try love

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