Testo Perfect Suicide

Testo Perfect Suicide

Now listen to me closely cause I've seen the signs and I know that the end is near
There are others like me but we won't advertise cause we know we're not of the earth
Humans are afraid of the ones like us
And they persecute out of fear
They wanna lock us up for the things we say
But soon they'll wish that they had heart

We'll be fine
Let them die
And we'll all laugh as the world explodes

Now we need to shed this mortal life
Let's think of the perfect suicide
One that's quick yet harmless to our souls
Let's all have a perfect suicide

There was little darkness in our thoughts
Placed there as the years went by
Never came here to cause a scene, just exist with peaceful means
You have that with the human race
You need to have their ideas
So we'll break from the bodies we settled in and move to another world
So I say to you human, you could come with us
But your minds couldn't take the strain
This little cult you've considered us could have saved your entire race
Now you'll die with the rest of them
While we're in outer space
Looking for a planet not to call our own but to share with a better race

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