Testo On Contentment

Testo On Contentment

It's hard to sugar coat the suffering in life.
Not everybody lives, but everybody dies.
Victims of circumstance live in the aftermath.

We have hope in our lives. It keeps us living.
We have hope in our lives. It keeps us giving.

Compassion brings us to peace.
Compassion brings us release.
Compassion keeps us from falling.
Compassion must be our calling.

You! Reach in your heart and seek the truth.
Give to the poor with nothing to lose.

Whatever happened to peace and justice?
Whatever happened to honesty?
There's no time for complaining when you're intent on living free.
Whatever happened to love and kindness?
Whatever happened to charity?
There's still time for forgiveness when you're intent on unity.

Life's largest blessings are beyond reason. Put yourself aside and bring someone to life
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