Testo Till I Met Selena

Testo Till I Met Selena

Pulling off a...
Heavy riffa puffa
Fast to make a muscle,
You're the cats, I guess I love some.
Bitch, I'm legal, shooting right
No run like Rambo with the X D.
Nice as rappy, I got no Js for my Giuseppes.
Where they're motherfucking with somebodies
Smoking on their muscle with the...
Niggas getting face shots in the broad day
Baddest as a day, nigga, we don't play
Don't wanna come out cause we're like boom-boom-boom!
Niggas getting here falling, falling getting the doom-doom!
And them ... get me dance with the stars,
We ain't shooting on no guns!

Popping out, popping shit out boom boom boom
Drop the shit,
Popping shit up, boom boom boom
Niggas ain't no nothing,
They're just talking shit up
Catch her while he walking,
Now they're talking shit up! Get your ass motherfucking candle! I'm on you!
Put it on the motherfucking table, cut 'em open!
I toss, T-shirt, I'm rapping! ....
I just want my bitches against my bitches kiss
All I smoke is rap, boy, you'll be ninja different.
Bitch think I love her, girl, you're really tripping
Boy, I'm ... Jordan, you just got it pimping.

Bitch, do explode,
Them shots make it shot like he's having a seizure.
Boom boom boom
Look inside up... (let's go!)
My name is Louis, but.. they call me Tony
Hitters come true, but really, all I see is Shawty!
Straight race up, couple pesos!
Yeah, we're making those, ball like ... I am bungalow,
Born to hit them up, he invisible... critical.
And my brother is Obama, it's political!
Can't do the... that it's digital.
And the feds is watching
Bitches hella ducking, I'll be hella steaming.
I'm king, I'm dreaming
Till I meet Selena.
Till I meet Selena.

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