Testo Ignorance

Testo Ignorance

[Verse 1]
I Said Fuck School
Not Knowing It Would Affect Me
Ignorance Got Me Blinded
I'm Hoping The World Excepts Me
But I'm Nothing Like The Popular Kids Tho
Ese's Don't Fuck Around
Even The Bloods & The Crips Know
My Teacher & My Principal
Needed To Speak With Moms
Hi Miss Gonzales, I'm Sorry To Call Your Job
And I'm Sorry To Inform You
But Somethings Been Going On
I Hate TO Say It
Alex Been Disobeying The Law
He Wears Baggy Pants
And He Likes To Write On The Walls
And I Seen Em Kissing Different Girls
Walking Them Thru The Halls
My Mother Said Hmm...
I'm Sorry No Comprende, No Speak No Ingles
Not Knowing My Bad Attendance
I'm Thinking Fuck It Homie, I'm Smoking Till I Collapse Walking Thru My Apartments, I'm Hearing The Door Slam
Look My Mom, I'm Really Trying To Help You Understand
I Wanna Break Rules And Fuck Different Women Just Like My Dad

Sometimes I Like To Chill Homie
Sometimes I Like To Smoke
Sometimes I Wish i Never Left School
Because All I Do Is Graffiti & Sell Dope
Oh Yeah, Throw My Neighborhood In The Air
Like I Don't Care
Oh Yeah, Throw My Neighborhood In The Air
Like I Don't Care

[Verse 2]
It Was Way Too Easy To Skip Class
The Only Thing I Paid Attention To Was Doing Math
Something Told Me In The Future
Gotta Be Alert
Thank God To The Decimals
To Help Me Move That Work
It Was Fucked Up
When Everyone Graduated But Me
Getting Left Behind
While People Followed Their Dream
Will I Become A Hypocrite?
People Blaming The Government
Drug Money & Rubber Bands
Knowing They Gave Us All A Chance
But It Was Fucked Up
Smoking All The Weed
Fucking Bitches Who Notice Me
Who The Fuck Do I Wanna Be
I'm Nothing Like My Friends
Who Went To Jail Last Week
Some Became Drug Addicts
And Now They Stuck On Tweak
Most Of The Bitches That I Knew Back Then
They Ain't Pretty No More
Baby Daddy's Back In The Pen
God Damn Man I Should've Never Left School
I Should've Stayed The Same Kid
Quiet & Respectful


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