Testo Smoke Flow

Testo Smoke Flow

Something is not right in the head,to bad

That can fix the shit when i'll be pretty fucking dead

Please don't feed my ego i don't feel that shit in I

I'm a bad ceed indeed just let me smoke my weed
Never love money couse that love can kill

To much,money love can get you ill

We still have a war draw,never kiss the shit

Deafeat life,stay alive and fuck retreat

We love the mike,we love life,we love hip-hop beat

We only fight on stage,and every show is live you know that shit

Fuck fame,fuck awards,fuck happy music

The word is a tool fool we have to use it
You know life is a game,at the heavy weight,

The final countdown can't wait,

Use the brain , man is never to late

Don't think for diamants and shit,

Don't be so fucking friendly

Greedy motherfucker,your carfin has to be trendy

I'm like a flea,check my ID in hell the sickness of mallerick's man,i'm sick indeed

When i take the lead i see you catch speed

Oh shit,go fuck the beat called rapman and this is it

...A long ways from home i bring you another other

Two dope ass niggers,me suffer my brothers

Yeah,he's from another should i let him explain

What's that niggers name?

.............................with this might devices

He slice twices,ye,you can't fuck with him

Its the show for do' you all niggers know

Yeah,i'm coming from the dirty ode,that's the OHT

Army and my man,we keep it the ground

Were keeping it slime,you know i'm all about mine,that....... that cock you gotta get it don't stop,that dope,yeah up with dope down

We're be doing what we doing s the reason we are here

shi mai incolo imi e lene........maine cand am chef de traducerï......bft!!!

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