Testo Motema

Testo Motema

Motema na ngai e lingaka yo
forever u forever me
Bolingo na ngai

i met u on a sunday
said to myself what a good day
wanna see u like always
a million sceneries and hallways
in the sudden of a minute
my whole life changed and im in it
not to win it, but to live it
love and life like infinite
to my friends im the realest
let tell you what the deal is
when i see them imma tell this
i found true love that imma cherish

hey love well its been a year
i look at the past like im in there
with all that we shared
i still cant believe like its been a year
its feels like in a minute we been all around the planet
well thats the way love goes
baby girl
your body i seen it
still i feel like first day
i touched you, i kissed you
i never had a love before i met you

true love is always deeper than the ocean
and i will always be by your side

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