Testo Solitaire

Testo Solitaire

It must have been hard to deal with the pain inside you
It never could find a way to escape, I wish I knew
Why you couldn't see the beautiful things?
And why the world was so unfair?
You were playing solitaire

Every time we laughed it made me adore you
I used to think we'd change this earth, but from your view
Life was pushing you around, you started to drown
It seemed that no one cared
You were playing solitaire

I cry when I think of what I should've told you
I've been aching cause I know we needed you
Maybe you found peace in a different place
Although you're gone I won't forget your face
But you couldn't see the beautiful things
Cause the world was treating you unfair
How was I so unaware
You were playing solitaire

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