Testo Jeg Kommer Inn ( Engl. )

Testo Jeg Kommer Inn ( Engl. )

I'm coming in

Come as you are
in from the cold

Come in to me

so you can hear the whispers in the night

About what was and what was supposed to be

Come as a dream

into my sleep

I reckon you've been here

I reckon you've seen me before and caressed my face

Touch me now and you'll remember my name

I can find a thousand ways to lure you to me

Or I can summon my courage and find the path in on my own

I just want someone to tell all my thoughts to

and I want that someone to be you

I've seen you come in from the winter as I have

I've seen you try leaving for only to seek home

I simply want to sing all that used to be

I'm coming in
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