Testo Tonite

Testo Tonite

I'm gonna take you to the fantasy land...

This is your night TONITE, everything's gonna be alright.... (4X)

(I will make you feel allright)

(Ski's verse)

24-7, 365, they don't doubt it, I'm 'bout it, you know, I keep it 'live

New jerus, strong island, are you with me, come on, and hit me

Throw your hands up in the air, are you players everywhere

Role it up, get a buzz, nigga what, this is how we does

Come on down and party with us

(Shell's verse)

I hear the screams when I hit the scene, role with my flow,

if you're scared let me know,

hold these nuts, here we go, I'm not the dust from dawn, put the word in born,

smoke the green in the leave 'til I'm reborn like spawn.

rock from Detroit to New York, United States to Europe,

fuckin' thick honey dips with Aunt Jemima's sirup

so take a peak at this unique freak don't sleep.

I set the mood like styles my shit is versatile.

This is your night tonite... (4X)

(Jay's verse)

Suckers can't get with this, twist it up before you blaze one.

Lace it with honey on the outside so that you can ride all day in my Jeep,

you can stay high. Now when I ride I got the hydro Everglades.

What's twisted now once before we were called blave,

'til we realise that TWISTED was worldwide.

Now twist it up and let me take you to the other side.

Lace up your boots and get ready for the intrigate plots, loading my glots, pop shots,

my cerabellum thinks hip hop, to the third power my

Eddi Bower it packs a nine that's mine,

it's thinking for me most of the time.

Jay Luv can you get with it, pass to Ski and hit it,

smoke and let Carlos choke until he spits up,

get up, because I'm vibin' off this BOOYA piece.

You don't have to burn your lips on the road when you got trees.

(Ski's verse)

Let's get it started, the city never sleeps,

let?s role on up the greek fest, so we can see our peeps

There's gonna be a whole lot of on and on, we won't stop until the break of dawn

A whole lot of oohwee, baby boo, won't you come work it on me.





From the T to the O to the N-I-T-E baby won't you come with me, oh baby tonite..

From the T to the O to the N-I-T-E lady won't you come with me,

I will make you feel allright.

This is your night TONITE, everything's gonna be allright....

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