Testo Every Kind Of Wrong

Testo Every Kind Of Wrong

You're talking with your mouth full of fury
And finding ghosts inside the dial
Running from the armageddon jury
Born to put your love on trial
So darling, leave a key under the door mat
I'm coming blind around the bend
Soaked to the bone in revelation
Begging you to get me lost again

You light a cigarette and listen
Whisper a prayer for control
Remember what we read about redemption
Well now I'm paying off my soul
And you said time's a cold, cold lover
She'll kill me if I ever sit and stare
The sand falls slower than it used to
But the years still vanish clean into the air

You've been falling short of golden
I've been every kind of wrong
I guess I'm dying to let you ruin me
And you've been sinking all year long
So if that chariot they're driving Don't swing low enough for us
Just paint two crosses on my eyelids
And point me out of touch

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