Testo Georgia Rae

Testo Georgia Rae

I know a girl, mess with your mind,

She'll come to you in the summer sometime

She'll talk about things you don't understand,

But you better keep to the matters at hand
Before the whole damn thing unwinds

She is beautiful, she is small

She don't wanna play basketball

There's no tellin' what she might do

Before her doin' days are through

But right now she can't even crawl


Georgia Rae, OK, Georgia Rae

Georgia Rae, what'd I say Georgia Rae

Your mother and I we did this act

In some hotel 'bout nine moths back

Now, it's love that brings you here

A love that will not disappear

Georgia, honey, you can count on that



We were tired, should've been sleepin'

But, like a fire, somethin' came creepin', creepin', creepin'

Your brother and sister don't understand

How your tiny feet and your tiny hands

Could carry the weight of a thousand earths

Into our little universe

But, Georgia, we all think it's grand

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