Testo Spy Boy

Testo Spy Boy

Well it's dangerous out here tonight but a fellow's gotta eat

I see those vampires sucking blood

I hear those dull thuds

I guess it's trick or treat


I'm a Spy Boy

I'm a Spy Boy

Oh this music is hell

Man why don't you turn it up real loud

I'm a stranger here in town
I hope this is the wrong kind of crowd



I wear my heart on my sleeve

Just take a look at my flag

I should be up to my knees

Or all the way down the track


I want to hurt some one

I want to love someone

I want to be some one

Why do I need some one

Oh the smoke gets in my eyes

Things materialize but I wish I never seen

I know my mama tried so hard to raise a son up right

Just can't keep it clean


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