Testo Psychotherapy

Testo Psychotherapy

And I can,
If you want it all
Old enough to talk

Looking good now
Caught in angry moves
Lovely vial
The harder (???)

We should tell
I know what you're in here for
Like when boy overlost overdying word
Gone throughout the life

Each day I'll be there for you
There's not a star in the sky
Is got a name which why don't we call it too?
Here, on the West Side, my mother, home to me
Next to yours

So tell me what's a boy like you,
Doing in a place like Mars?
Look around you, we all have to wait
Before it all...live a lie, evil if you want
Stay and will

What's a boy like you,
Doing in a place like this?
Look around you!
Testi Jezabels (The)