Testo The Spanglish Song

Testo The Spanglish Song

I have to say
dali's pallette captured me in a way
no painter has in a long while
but salvador's grey
when hanging alongside your perilous prey
paralysis inducing smile

im sinkin' down low
propped up by my guitar, do you know i'd go
to any length to be where you are
i guess i might be
intoxicated by the spanish moonlight, see
i'm wishin' on a Y-O-U star

i got nothin' to lose
i'm wild 'n' free 'n' young
i'm studyin' your shoes
but i wanna know your tongue
ok wait, let me translate

yo quiero hacer el amor contigo
quieres casarte conmigo? cual es tu problema?
sé que me amas!
si me ves llorando,
es porque no nos estamos besando
me estás matando
won't you believe in us?

if our lips interlaced,
you might discover i'm an acquired taste
will you be my ESL lover?
what can i do
how do i convey
you make me want to
put on a different t-shirt every day

i got nothin' to lose
estoy en madrid, españa
headin' for toulouse
antes de mañana
tengo que decirte


i know that when you look at me
i'm nowhere near your fantasy
i never played shirts versus skins
and no one likes americans
we've got this language barrier,
internal stuff that's scarier,
but i cant leave this place today
'til ive had the chance to say

[chorus 2x]
por qué no lo intentas?

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