Testo Clup Hoppin'

Testo Clup Hoppin'


It´s Bubb, get dis clup,

Jumpin´ in a frenzy, ain´t it like that offends me,

Guzzle till it´s empty, then break da bottle,
Things changed girl, I´m now dating models,

What can I say, she wanna play,

And her European sway got me blown away,

From England all the way, on up to Copenhagen,

I`m wid Jamelia, and you know me misbehavin`


Me and my crew, step in, look good,
High shoes, short dress, time to impress,

Over to the bar, get a vodka,

Get it free cos I´m a superstar,

If you don´t know what I´m here for,

Yo let me hit da dance floor, oh!


It´s time to get some of those heads boppin´,

Do a little bit a that showstoppin`,

Get a couple bottle´s a Moet poppin`,

Tonight me and my girls be cluphoppin`,

Got to get this party rocking` (WHAT?!)

Before we turning in,

We go club Hoppin,

Tell me do you wanna go club Hoppin


Next joint blazing, fella´s amazing,

Got me open, I feel like I´m smoking,

Came to break it off,

Temptation, wanna take it off,

Gonna lock da door, nobody goin´ home,

Now get up on the dance floor OH!


B-Section x2

If there´s someone here,

Who don´t be feeling on this joint,

You don´t know, you don´t know,

You don´t know, you don´t know


I know two Birminghams, one in Alabama,

One out there in England where it´s krunk this evening,

On the other side of that great big pond,

You really think a Georgia boy can´t get fun?

Love the way these beautiful,

Catty´s shooting it at me,

Yeah babygirl long as you groovin` I´m happy,

It´s Bubba SparXXX with capital triple X´s,

Do ya thang Jamelia, I´m really feelin´ ya!

Attention people, clear the floor,

Me and my girls just entered the door,

I got champagne flowing like H2O,

And one hell of an entourage in tow,

A free for all, take your hand out your pocket,

Don´t worry bout expenses, tonight J´s got it,

The place to be is anywhere you see me,

Look at the time oh shhhh??

Chorus and adlibs to end

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