Testo Tug

Testo Tug

But when sat in front of a page
I start to deflate
It's not me they're looking for
No it couldn't be me they're looking for

When asked to stick around
I'm the last going pound for pound
No matter how I perceive my actions
You'd be hard press to find some satisfaction

But when asked to be a man about it
So many things my brain can't stand about it
I'll stay at my windowsill and shout it
This one's from me to you
That wholesome boy you thought you knew

No one can see what I can see
A life beneath the rubble, stuck inside a bubble
Struggling for oxygen, and getting nothing but accidents
No one can love what I can't love
She's got the same old moving parts, covering that heart
But she will break my spell, she beautiful and they all can tell
And when I ask to touch your skin
I'm denied and then denied again
I want so bad to feel that need
The necessity I'll never be

You told me to calm down
Take a deep breath and then just stick around
But away I went
A brand new life I had to invent
Find someone I can destroy all over again

No one can see what I can see
The love that she'll become, brighter then the sun
Shedding light on my darkest days, If I was only sure enough to stay
O no, someone can love what I can't love
She's got perfect stable bones, Rescued and sent home
And she will break her focus, She's beautiful I'm not the only one who noticed

So lay out your plans
For your path to Jesus and if you don't need us at all
You don't need us at all

But you made that music
You made a record with reason at the end of a season
Where you gave it up
For someone who meant the whole damn world to you

But in the attic
I found a picture of my parents
Before it became apparent
That they may have never really loved each other at all

Just set your alarm clock radio
And knock three times on the ceiling
If you're going to show them all that love in your heart
All that love in your heart

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