Testo Kid Summer

Testo Kid Summer

Three quarters and I can't sleep
Got a lot of dreams that I can't keep
Praying to her lord
Why don't you save me?

Three quarters, never learned to cook
Got your back turned cause you can't look
Caught a glimpse of God in all that change

Three quarters down into the earth
Push your skinny body down into the dirt
Crushing your frame is the weight of the world

Got a love that time couldn't burn
All that progress, the things that you learned
Not enough to save the child who floated away

And now your blood has ruined my birthday
And for once I don't have a plan that will get us out of here
But like a book I read too young
My brain never thought to run
Away from the truth of the matter
Thrown right in my face
Why did he promise miracles?
When he couldn't keep his promise
And my brother Thomas
Has better things to do
Then wait on an inconsistent wreck like you

You can't replace my cousin Grace
She wants me to believe in the beauty of God
The beauty of God
Well I'm not so sure about the beauty of God

I'm glad I found my mother's faith
In a book not so safe
Now all over her face
Is a dream to describe to sunshine

I'm glad I found that apartment
Finally a place where I can dispose and replace
The exhausted soul of that body

Now it's Friday
Get your brain ready to breath
Now it's Friday
There's something you have to see to believe
Now it's Friday
Get your brain ready to love
Now it's Friday
And I've had just about enough

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