Testo Killing Man

Testo Killing Man

If I said I was sorry
Would you forget the things I've done?
I don't know why I even worry;
I don't believe in anyone
'Cause in my sleep I'm still running
From the demons and the ghosts
That in the night I hear coming
They're coming back for what I stole
'Cause I am a killing man
I am, I am a killing man

Some believe in the devil
But who are they to know?
How dare they give a face to evil
When they're the ones loving the show?
They don't know that I am a killing man
I am, yes I am
Just another man
Doing what is said and told
Just like you my friend, we all sell our souls
Please don't make it hard
When I come around for you
It's not personal, it's just what I do 'Cause I am a killing man, I am, yes I am a killing man

There will be a moment in time
When I find the strength to take a stand
And I will look into my stone cold eyes
And I will kill the killing man
'Cause I will kill this killing man

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