Testo Falling Ashes

Testo Falling Ashes

When we do drink we have our lulls. Burning with passion, yes I know. I try to love and love her soul. Still my addiction takes her clothes.

It's numinous of falling ashes or maybe I'm just stoned. Make believe we're all her lovers make believe it shows... Fighting dreams of dieing brothers, dieing all for love. This is the life I'll never know.

Sins for this sanctuary rule. This burning heart will beat a new.
Staring so softly at the moon. You feast on me and I on you.
Save me from doves and reasons why. Bleed me for love and lullabies.
It's ominous of shadowed demons. the breeding that I loath. Make believe we're dead already. The color drains so slow. Fighting dreams of drinking brothers, drinking all for love. This is the life I've come to know.

The life we live the way we choose to love. Tomorrows brings the demons from above. The memories seem to slowly fade. helping me believe that I've been saved

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