Testo Righteous Eyes Turn Red

Testo Righteous Eyes Turn Red

Righteous eyes turn red
And I have nothing pure to say,
Another friend betrays me
And it's just another fucked up way to say,
Why go on?

With heavy shoulders, clouded minds,
And ruthless words, that screamed before,
And minor chords that make me cry,
Please understand,
My heart is screaming,
Memories are killing me,
In spite of what I used to be.

Those thoughtful words changed my life,
Believing someone cared,
And shared a dream,
Was my life at its best,
I want to wake up now and feel relieved...

Be a deviant, a reckless definition,
Take the loyalty away,
And leave your past with nothing left to say,
There is no regrets,
And you'll never second guess,
Love the new and better structured,
Take the easy road and don't look back.

I loved what seemed,
A friend too good to be alive,
And righteous eyes that stood right by my side,
My own trust had brought me back where I was found,
Where the bright side never came around,
And Angels' wings are torn and burned
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