Testo Take It Slow

Testo Take It Slow

I saw the ceiling a little quicker then we could've said
But stood back up and tried getting with you again
It's simple things that tend to get me out of hand
When all along we need to keep it open
So take a ride aside my dreams
You'll understand what they can do to me
Break me down
This is why I keep you around

We said that we'd take it slow
But we were already home
I was home with the lights down
You were home with your heart out

Start again with things that shouldn't even begin
And time will tell if the lock is really opened
It's do or die I need you playing on my side
The cards are down and the bets too big to be mine
Mondays don't always agree
Some days you just have to breathe in
I need you tonight yeah
I need you tonight

Stick with me I'm trying
I'm trying to let you go

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