Testo Wild Side

Testo Wild Side

They say be careful and look before you take your first step
Love is so dangerous you don't wanna have regrets
I might be in over my head
You won't leave me for dead, no

Aye, holding on to every word that You say
Courage comes and goes in waves, but with You I'm just always so brave on the wild side
It's dangerous to be in love but I like it on the wild side, the wild side's
Dangerous for hearts to touch, but I want You to hold mine, there's no denying that I'm
Dangerous with you. I'm so Dangerous with you. You got me feelin'

Feelin like I'm runnin from the police how my heart stay rushin
Light up the dark light up this art you know it's me why you askin me questions
I know its Him cause He given me life I know we win in the end no surprise
Pen in my hand are you down for the ride it might get wild we like that side

Oh we got it so I flaunt it love on repeat like its chronic
Word on the street is we're toxic Infiltrating other's mindsets
I'm a diamond got me shinin' I'm the branch and You're the vine and
Loves so fierce got the heart of a lion veils been pierced so it's hard to stay silent

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