Testo Ode To The Ramones

Testo Ode To The Ramones

Sheena brought me to heaven
Pet Semetary took me to hell
Mostly it took just two minutes
But I remember those minutes well

Rockaway beach made me a star
I've quit to rock 'n roll highschool
The KKK took my baby away
But they didn't know she was too tough to die

One, two, three, four
This is an ode to the Ramones
Hey, ho DON'T go!
This is ode to the Ramones

Ramones made me to leave home
I took a rocket to Russia
They gave me some psycho therapy
I thought it was the end of the century

More than twenty years of pure punkrock 'n roll
No fashion could ever blow them away Deep respect that's what I have
Rock 'n roll is dead without the Ramones

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