Testo Hear Me Now

Testo Hear Me Now

Pour my heart and soul in everything I ever loved
Call me greedy when I get it, it be like a drug
We want more like Prince said it never satisfied
I'm going for the jugular when I'm attacking mines
My rap lines within them
Hitting gems be given
But no fucks is given
For the fucks they be jealous on how I'm living now
May you fall like the domino
May you fall like the domino
Frontin' like you pushin' keys but you [?]
I ain't [?] I just tell you what you gotta know
I made a promise to myself and I ain't trynna break it
Keep the llama on me nigga I ain't out here naked
Nah never that I [?] in a minute
Yeah, I swerve a motherfucker, stay out my business
This is me and I ain't never rap a fake gimmicks
All up in my lyrics, I know you hear it

Can you hear me now? [4x]

Pour my heart and soul in everything I ever loved It took years to recover from the [?]
Then I lost my beloved brother [?]
It hurts so bad, I still can't accept he gone
The days of giving praise don't exist no more
There's no talk when you write only when shit go wrong
Play your thoughts, evaluate situations stand on fall
If you do get back up and give your all
A short temper was a weakness, my will more strong
Those who show trades of foes ain't friends no more
All the gossipin' and obvious plot to stop me from prospering
Was in vein my name's acknowlegded for painting powerful pictures like the greatest artists
My faith in God is strengthened every day as I awake
Father forgive me for my sins now I'm feelin more content
If you wanna be a baller first get off the bench

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