Testo Through The Valley

Testo Through The Valley

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Walking through the valley with my chalwa in my hand,
Feel so good to be a real high grade one;
Looking to the field and luckily I see, oh
Oh three good purple trees looking at me,
Puff-puff ......
Put ina mi chalwa burn out 30..
I take another Jah again..

We smoke weed dat's real clear, purple skunk
And if u want High grade let's give yuh, purple skunk
But I love dem weed dat's real clear, purple skunk..

and i f you dont want no weed you must be crackhead yuh jung
I smoke the weed in the morning, and I'm smoking weed at noon, oh yeah,
I smoke the weed in the evening
Let's it get da chalis in through....

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