Testo Grill 'Em Up Thuggs Na

Testo Grill 'Em Up Thuggs Na

(feat. Grill 'Em Up Thuggs)

[Hook: x2]
I'm a Grill 'Em Up Thugg na
We swerving on dubs na
We shooting slugs na
Nigga ain't no love na
[Verse 1: Grill]
We Grill 'Em Up Thuggs na
We throwin them slugs na
Haters gone be dying na, it ain't no crime na
Everybody going down na, can't stop my shine na
Play wit Shorty Diamond boy everybody gone be dying na
We in ya ass na, respect that Grill na
That's on the real na, you might get killed na
Why you with all that playing na, you don't understand na
I'ma have to tap ya na, you can't stop me na
We on the grind na, we hard to find na
We gone do it na, while niggas doing time na

[Hook: x2]
[Verse 2: Perk]
I'm on the grind na, it's time to shine na
Respect my mind na, I tout a nine na
I'm a Grill 'Em Up Thugg na, we swervin' dem dubs na
We shooting slugs na, ain't no mo' love na
We getting rich na, bitch sucking my dick na
You a snitch na, put yo ass in a ditch na
Smoking plenty of weed na, so much Hennessy na
Making player haters freeze na, 20 inch gold D's na

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 3: Ooze]
I'm a Grill 'Em Up Thugg na muthafuck I'm on a fucking mission
You niggas wanna fuck wit Ooze but bitch you ain't no competition
But coz I got a chopper loaded and muthafuck its bout to start spittin'
And a bullet ain't got no name, so I don't give a fuck about who its hittin
Cause we some Grill 'Em Up Thuggs na, we shooting slugs na
Coz I got a team of choppers muthafucker they loaded and ready to bust na
So nigga better duck na, for you get fucked up na
By the Grill 'Em Up Thuggs na, so nigga wuz up na

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 4: Goldie]
I'm slanging that cain na
So much on my brain na
In '99 it was off the chain
But it ain't the same na
Swervin' on them dubs na
Showing so much love na
Cumming back to back
You splack the cat cause I ain't no scrub na
So you wanna be thugged out
Bitch you know you done played out
Coming thru hustling
Muthafucker Deal 'Em Up DJ's na
Ain't no need to hate me cause I'm that one Goldie
It cost to floss and I am the boss riding on them goldies

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5: Shorty Diamond]
It's Shorty Diamond na
I'm a Grill 'Em Up Thugg na
I'm dropping these hooks na
I'm rolling on dubs na, I'm big tyming na
It's my time na, to rise and shine na
So stop ya hating na
Quit perpertrating na
Stop ya faking na
I'm bout my paper na
It's Shorty Diamond na

[Hook: x4]

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