Testo Three cats watch

Testo Three cats watch

it was a Wednesday with a cold and bitter wind
I was as restless as an eel without its skin

I woke that night with clouds a'winding 'round the moon
I'd heard strange noises - they were coming from my roof
when morning came I woke again from wicked dreams
into the kitchen smooth and cool on my bare feet
and then the question 'what to eat?'

the wind was all a'blow
into my window
too dark outside I used the kitchen globe
warm comforting glow

I cracked an egg and broke its body in a bowl
when I tipped flour I made a dry nutritious cloud
just then the burbling from the cheerful coffee pot
I thought 'I'll never, never starve'

the milk smelt awful
it had spoiled during the night
sour bacteria rejoice and multiply
I think about the glass of milk I had last nightAnd trust my magic couldn't sour (?)

the sky was cold and dark
the wind was so damn hard
I pulled the mug up close against my mouth
pressed tight between my palms

I stepped outside and tasted coffee in my mouth
as I climbed up I saw the kitchen from outside
my cat was murdered blood was matted in her fur
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