Testo In the morning

Testo In the morning

I have grown a pelt upon my chin
and now I can't remember what's beneath
time was moving strongly for a while
a shame that you need time to realise
bracken cracks under your feet at night
something heavy drops there by your side
although I'm going to die
coffee in the morning not at night
black and bitter in the sweet sunlight
a sheet a'twisted down and in the sun
you're sprawled upon the bed with nothing on
move your knee up closer to your chin
I wanna see your quim - oh I'm obscene
oh I'm obscene

oh, I squeezed her little paw
just to hear her sweet meaw

a man peeks round a corner with a gun
in his mouth a cigarette - boy that looks fun

I have a friend whose pockets never emptyinstead of coins he carries books and tea

my old friend he has a tiny son
who works my little brain but god its fun
oooh, ohhh my gun

I said I felt a spell just to hear you wish me well
Testi dei Grand Salvo