Testo Back Here

Testo Back Here

No matter what I'm just glad I'm alive
Went off a cliff and happened to fly
Just think, I left home without having cash and a ride
Dreamin for months, lookin for cuts, glass in his eye
Knew this rappin would happen, the shorties acting surprised
Casual demeanor, never slackin with pride
What I think? Quite impressive, what a passionate guy
Promises broke, finger flip, new story is told
Strait without a jacket, it's crazy fightin the cold
And they write in a code cuz they lines don't explain much
Happiness is make up, a smile is what I can't trust
And my life really nothing more than just a paintbrush
Niggas disguised, bitches tryna catch rides like Bangbus
Hard for me to swallow pride, think I need a chaser
They help you then they hate you and you can't return the favor
That's why as of lately every day been on repeat
I'm after everything, but will it ever make me feel complete?

So what if I ain't got access to a actress
At home keys that lead to any house on this address
Does this mean I'm a failure? Does it mean what I dream is different from what I tell ya?
Hopefully what I'm plottin is something they closely watchin
My only option is time and I'm runnin out of it
Countin and more to pennies and dimes, passing plenty of signs
Are they for me? Question is so confusing, directions get
I just got on this road and already ready to exit it
So many critics and ticket buyers were negligent
Hate the way that I play, I just say they show no benevolence
Sippin on medicine just to help em be patient
Family members taken, identities be mistaken
I'm arguing with myself, myself can no longer take it
Facin another morning, next morning will they awaken?
Doubt in my mind amounted, too crowded, no longer vacant
Fakin just like reality, loving, hugging, embrace it yea

Chasin, no liquor runnin, ain't look for somethin to phase it
Yea, deep as a basement, they look at me and amaze me
He be cleanin in comment, rock solid straight out the pavement
Rushin like women up in they 30's, look for engagements garb
Hold this against me, don't do it, I'm just a human
Blessings don't wanna ruin, just sick and tired assuming
Tell my guardian angel your wings keep me up on it
And runnin before a force, I'm stumbling, knees bucklin
Shout out to the haters, I love em but I don't fuck with them
Til death do me part from my real niggas, I'm stuck with them
Can't let it go, I guess that's what our efforts sow
Extricate, writin and thinkin what if you aksed to blow?
Random thought, clear fluid, see to it my stress is low
I know they dig my vibe, rely on my essence smoke
I hope my mama and I with that aggression go
Got problems between each other, they never express it though
Another chapter, skippin a page, how that happen?
It's a neverending story, feeling Sebastian
Giddy up and they lookin like what you look up on?
A couple thoughts of mine, I really hope they all hit home
I sit at home just starin up at the ceiling
Like will it open up for me cuz I'm close as fuck
At home starin up at the ceiling
Like will it open up for me cuz I'm close as fuck

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