Testo From Sleep And Shadows

Testo From Sleep And Shadows

Fragile thing a memory is
Bend and shape
the shards that break
steal yourself within the confines
lifted oh so briefly
tired in truth
and sound in madness
will you come to me in dreams unasked
and spoil me with what has passed
below my gaze
and split my thoughts into
a thousand pleas for my forgiveness
a thousand cheers and praises for you

and looking back on what i couldnt see before
did i need to do away with you?

(I will strain to hear you)

And i will strain to hear you
forever blessed
forever moving on
and we'll all grow up someday
but for now
cant we just pretend
crosses made in vain
a brush with what we cant amend

and i
i am still your best defender
and i will always stand this ground
as if your breath stands still
and whispers to me
what remains of you and i

tell of no wrong in your lifre
there is no flaw in my sight

keep and eye to the shadow across your back
when the life you left is your hand intact
compare me to what you will
compare me to what you will
compare me to what you will

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