Testo Starlet

Testo Starlet

Open up your eyes to realize
That there is so much more to life
Then what you know, and what you've been through.
Your selfish acts will leave you waiting
For someone to make you feel at home again
I did my best, believe me.

It's not easy to sit back and watch it all fall apart,
From beginning to the end you built me up and tear me down again.
And you loved to see me hit the ground, to break my bones and let me down.
And all those endless nights I spent alone, I spent alone...

You took me out at the knees, left me laying on the floor all alone
And there is no place left to go, where there is no where left to run

And after all that you put me through,
The least I can say is I've already forgiven you

Endless nights starring at the phone,
Waiting waiting, you gave me nothing only false hope and pretending.
Why I let you put me through
Everything, I don't know, now I can see who you truly are, you truly are!
I will never forget you as bad as I want to.
This will never be over, I hope I haunt you forever.
Tell me how do you feel now? It's your turn to be put on the spot!
Never again will I give my heart to someone so undeserving...

You scarred me for life,
Your bittersweet love that lived through a knife
Went in my back on more than one occasion.
After all you put me through,
The least I can say is I've already forgiven you.
(I've already forgiven you, I've already forgiven you)

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