Testo Age Of Deception

Testo Age Of Deception

Tear down the barricade, we're the only ones that can make this change (x4)

Fuck It up!

Noble, is your barrier, holds your disguise.
Majestic is your inmost pain, holds your demise.
Dive off the summit, which clears your mind.
Fall into the realm of being confusion aside.

Proclaim, unto the children of assurance.
Keep our thoughts, of you.
The gates open to the placeless, and tired.
Thoughts if you it's starting your demise.
Close your eyes, you cannot see your demise.
Take a step away from your pressure line.

Lose yourself and you'll find, to date you been blind.
Your thoughts will demise.
Read the signs, envision your lost life interests.
Prepare for defeat.

I will not denounce your reasons, from your soul and body.
Control is your weakness, take on the cause, the demises.It is you wish to die upon, a bed of your broken thoughts.
I've been waiting an age of deception, your ignorance bleeds.
Hatred, comes over your heart, I hate you.
Take off your disguise.

Concealed in your, mindless paradise.
It's expressing your depression, on your own.
Should we even begin to apprehend your soul, because it's almost over.
You're on your own, apprehend your soul.
Apprehend your soul.

Denounce from your, soul and body.
Control is your weakness, take on, the cause, the demises.

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