Testo Your Honor

Testo Your Honor

Rihanna, Rihanna hey
Madonna, Madonna hey ho hey

Here's a good family name your honor (your honor)
He does give to numerous charities
He didn't pay back all the money your honor
But do it for America
For another drug dealer, bricks to the ceiling
Camera tits on display, relatives on payroll
Put my mom on the mask and make dragging on the A
Got life is ready to kill when I say so
Slap me cell phones with Italian
Sitting in the boss like I'm Tony M
Niggers try to X me out
Shoot me out the podium
For locks D with crime scenes
I grind in the mix unit...
Wall, backed out us all
In the ways crib like crack on the wall
Bust all the nights but D squeeze all
23 shots offer hard and end chores
Imma shot tell nigger, Joey need a statue
Cause Joey play the doe you
When the kickers kicking at you
Shoot like paparazzi
I go Kanye crazy
Then be the nigger Blue
Like Beyonce baby
Life style of the realers
When I'm coming down the villa

They should separate me from the pack
I'm the reason why the hip hop cops can patrol in the block
They must've heard I was...with rock

Let the pack make, the A 50 roof is blasting
Sway, hair slip back like pack
The gloves ...speeding tickets getting ripped up
Eating checking, getting my dick sucked is
Sick A6 this fucking beat make me feel like I'm in the basement
These fucking drugs make me feel like I'm in the matrix
With a long trench and a motherfucking faggot earring
You better cherish before I perish
You the last in my athletics
Supersize me on the lettuce you can keep the beat
Cause I know you're tryna keep your teeth
Like I'm Greek with a petite physique
She makes ma happy thanks to...
So I keep Chanel on the feet
I'm a great man
Me and Joey sit at the table and we ate lamb
Then we shake hands

I'm not a stranger to the court of law
Cause how you got the world the numb you're selling
Nigger yelling out the window
Joe's added, Joe's added, Joe's added again
Nigger yelling out the window
Joe's added again
Is that Joe, Joe crack shit solos
Is only natural I explain
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