Testo You Stay With Me

Testo You Stay With Me

TV flashes down the hall, painting pictures on the wall.
And you're still sleeping on my knees.
And in the glow of silver light I trace the lines above your eyes, just another wrinkle that you can blame on me.
But I can hear the current of the freeway in the distance, if I keep listenin'.
And I wonder if you ever thought of streamin off somewhere with it.
Am I not what you thought?
Will you get tired of what you got?
If I can't give you anymore, where the ships and distant shores, would you still be my compass?
Cause you keep lovin' me the same. I don't know how but you still stay with me baby.
Stay with me baby.

Another day, another week. We'll slip back in old routines, to nights like these.
Come in between.
Simple moments in the dark one's that light can't tear apart, that come along just when we need.
And I still hear the current of the freeway in the distance, but I stop listenin'.
Cause I know you stay even though the waves they're always shifting.
We're fighting our way through.
I guess I always do.


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