Testo Bloodline

Testo Bloodline

Rolling around a lifetime on a name that spells my past
Carried through the mile markers up towards some last laugh
And if fools could only prosper, I'm afraid what they might say
From a podium built on generations bleeding what they make

Because here it comes
Watch them all jump right in
Tell me, how could you refuse to float with the rest of them?
You were born into it, there's no shame if you drift
Down the bloodline

Feeling temperamental underneath a broke sun
A certificate of excellence, but no proof on your pay stub
And if money's not a problem, I suggest you best believe
There's ten dollars on the table and a million up his sleeve

And here they come, watch 'em all pass us by
Tell me how could you refuse to look one in the eye?
Two sheets to the wind all over again
Down the bloodline
Down the bloodline

Yes, it feels scary to be ordinary In a world that don't know your name
It would not be weird if I just disappeared
Blowing my back out, trying to hope I wake

Looking for a doctor with a cure for a broke heart
Seems I spent it all on a miracle just to watch it fall apart
Now there's no room for ill-complaining, I know it's all just what it is
Cherry-pick my best believers and send 'em off with a kiss

'Cause there they go
Watch 'em all wave goodbye
Tell me how could you refuse to think it's a wonderful life?
Two sheets to the wind all over again
Down the bloodline
Down the bloodline
Down the bloodline

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