Testo Smoke Signals

Testo Smoke Signals

I was lost for a while in the mirrored hallway of a high-rise hotel
Umbrella drink in my hand, sitting down
Saw ten thousand me's with cocaine teeth and the chattering man
Thought about home
Thought about death
Thought about moving south

Rodeo wind blew in out the candles
And now everyone's scared
Call my broker sell everything
I want to be prepared

Heard the cavalry cry
My girl for the night when I entered her
Sounds so fake, always feels fake
Finishes and then it feels worst

But any hallway has a camera
Every hallway has a camera
Don't you know?
They never let you open the window

Smoke signals of thought White ribbons of loss
High above the tree line
They cry out

I froze up for a second on the pyramid side of the Las Vegas strip
My brother hunched over in the bushes, getting sick
Security knew he took one look and through us out, Life's not fair
Thought I die young with my true love
Thought I'd be a millionaire

In a mechanical world
A loud sound you never heard is always there
Radio's trailing in the desert
Keep driving until you disappear

We made a gentlemen's pact
We're not stopping no looking back,
Lace those shoes
Take the first step, take the next step
?That a boy!? It's never too soon

All that you keep is the journey
All that you keep are the spaces in-between
It's not the first start of the ending
All that you keep is the journey

Smoke rings around your thoughts
Blue ribbons at dawn
High above the tree line
We pass out

Smoke signals of thought
White ribbons of loss
High above the tree line
They cry out

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