Testo Babai

Testo Babai

Get into my car, come and take a ride with me
show you all the sights, tell you how it used to be
Back when nothing happened it would get me down
now we've got reporters always running 'round
Close your eyes a second
You'll have nothing left to see

No one will come out and play
Tourists all just stay away
No one will come out and play

Happy people live in fear another day

This is the house where a friend of mine was shot
Pain got washed away, memories are all we've got
When the bullets fly, you can't fuck around
Gather up the children and you hit the ground
Can't somebody tell me
How it all turned out this way

Afraid to see how far this goes
Come and count the bullet holes
Where it stops, no one knows Come and count the bullet holes, in our souls

Come and watch us wave goodbye.

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