Testo 80 Bars

Testo 80 Bars

I've been dreaming ‘bout a deal since the age of13
Nah, nah, hold up, hold up, look

I'm about to get a deal at the age of 13,
All I have is a dream like Martin Luther King
The youngest to win this thing,
And I ain't stoppin soon
Yeah I'm headed for the green, yeah I'm bout to get some loot
In my pocket, I'm going up like a rocket, can't you see?
Y'all just some signs projects compared to me
I'm a beast off the leash, with a need to exceed
I am bleeding my heart into these beats, endlessly, ah
See I was bullied and beat up but now I'm kickin my feet up
The kid you used to make fun of, is getting bigger than D cups
Y'all should believe it, yeah I'm headed for the top like NASA
So sound the alarm, it's time that I said blast off
That's all, and there's nothin more to it, just a dream that I'm pursuing
I'm leaving y'all in the ruins, a piece of me is engraved in rap
I never take it back, I stay kicking flows
Now everybody call me Jaden Smith,
Runnin the game, hustlin hard It's nobody get here I'm doin my part
I'm tryina blow up and see in my heart
To get to the fame and glory and all that
You haters should fall back, and let me be me,
Pro symbol yeah that's what I'm tryina be

All my verse is handicap cause they can't understand the flow
Started at the bottom now I got that panomaric view
The kids that used to mess with me suddenly wanna hang and chill
They try to get me by but I leave em hanging like pedestals
Messages getting for you wanting me, like a mistletoe
And I dashed in, new figure blown, man take your best shot without the pistol drawn
I be killin everybody with the rhythme, you wishin that you could sing along
Shout up with the comments you haters, wish to different song
I'm fed of these rappers fishy, get tackled like madden
I'm snapping passes like Ashton Kutcher, I'm a rabbit with his cabbage
And move faster Versace paddles, cause this rap shit is never ending
Assassinatin a witness cause tricky know that I'm killin
And step for me and get injured, can't touch me I'm 647
And more the flow up in here I'm doin me independently
Penetratin the game and neutralizing the industry
Entertaining my fans and boarder lining enemies
Mentally murder lames, you told me I never make it
See man the second I'm done, I just hope that you remember me

Yeah I got detective there's not a survivor left to kill
I'm just psychologically kamikaze, the rest of them probably got the hottest flow
My saliva is like lava, go doper than lots of rastas
I be honest, I'm about to go, back a couple records within seconds of each other
It seem as a trick the illest kid that I stutter
If these haters leaving, I mean we'd better pull up on all these rappers
Rappers say they make it realer, well I turn that dough into toast, realer?
I'm your lyrical superior, the same my rounds is daddy
But these lames is just a carrier
Empty your stereo, when just turn it up, they ain't hearin ya
And then caress with the flow, course of lots of the stereo
Paralyzing these pacifists, you can ask em what talent is
Matter of fact, they won't know the answer,
Man I have had it, I'm past pissed
They ask me what I do I tell them rap sick
But is it cause I'm a mad kid they callin me a star like Patrick
Man there's no way that you can stop the mass madness
If you got a problem with this movement, take actions
Think fast in fact to attackin maintain the chance of makin it
Cause these days you never know what happens

I be riding through my town boy, and wild rappin
Got the city on my vertebree, never stop for a second
Got these women on my mansions, you be askin for relationships
Aye I don't even in know you girl
You're not gonna even take this
I'm a BOSS, yea I be on the grind, no track that
If a bully with a bullet give you damage
Hey just try and take I yo, carjack
No paycheck in my pocket, sorry mom I ain't thinking bout the callous
Cause this rap stuff is going good and I'm makin hits, I go box er
They are probably hatin because I'm white and amazing
I got that hooty Eugene swagger, cuz I'm leavin them faceless
If you're a god then I'm faithless
Now I ain't makin good
I'm tryina hide behind yo mama's
That bajy bumpin my music, go not often
So fly, that prolly flow
Could you compare Wang or Harley Grove
Cuz I'm an adolescent, was in Boston flow
Man's out to be, no bar of soap
You went parted shelf and I'm sayin it
I'ma boss blow, they get it?
Back in the game again at the beginnin
Chris Miles a beast and don't you forget it.

Hide my voice? I ain't no pothead
I'm finna fan, homie you could drop that
Man I've worked too hard for this, at this point this is not an option
And say nonsense to my haters, I make progress in this gang cuz
I be on that daily grind, til the sun rises I stay here
I got no mercy when I come through on attack
I could just kill in a ribbon, Eminem is getting the venom
It's ever since I ran the source that you'd better step back
Flow hot like candle wax, don't need a pen and pad, I just kill these dudes
These rappers always trying to fly but I got em trapped like prison coops
Kids from my school wanna chill now
At the world war star I got a mill, wow
It's funny, cuz last time I turned around all they ever did was freaking doubt me
But I ain't trippin yo, cuz I know they be thinkin I'm astounding
Chris Miles up in that building,
I'm like a power outage, I shut it down and I said

Okay Lamborghini Mercy, your chick, she so thirsty
I'm in that two-seat Lambo with your girl, she tryna jerk me
Okay Lamborghini Mercy, your chick, she so thirsty
I'm in that two-seat Lambo with your girl, she tryna jerk me

Well, it is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth
It is a weeping and a mourning and a gnashing of teeth
It is a - when it comes to my sound which is the champion sound
Believe (believe!)

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